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Solid State

Solid State

Solid State Relay board

Unlike electro-mechanical relays, using coils, magnetic fields, springs and mechanical contacts, for operating and changing supply, Solid State Relay Boards (SSRs) do not contain any movable parts.  The unique relay uses the electrical and optical features of semi-conductors when in a solid state.  To control in input and output operations it is required to perform.  To control a variety of operations in digital equipment by way of designated programs or even on the Internet using smart devices.  This relay is a popular and reliable solution with the longest MTBF span among the relays you can find in the market nowadays.  ICPC concentrated for you all that is important to know about the Solid State Relay Board

the main advantages of using SSRs

Using controlled relays, or Solid State Relay Controllers, or any other switching solutions in our technological applications, Solid State Relays offer a wide variety of advantages.  

Efficient solution over extended time

Since we are using a relay without movable parts, wear and tear is almost null.  Switching does not lead to material fatigue and it is most likely that we would enjoy our solution over a long time.

Fastest switching ever

Since we are dealing here with an electrical reaction and not a mechanical movement of contacts, transferring from one state to another far faster than any conventional relay. If we employ the solution of a USB solid state relay board, we could enjoy a solution that is both fast and flexible solution that can be connected and disconnected when required. 

Minimal electric noise

The semi-conductors and the smooth and swift switching method allows the cleanest flow of electricity as possible. 

Solid State Relay Board – all the possibilities

Solid State Relays can be bought in a variety of standard models with an output rate ranging from several to hundreds volts or amperes.  They can be designated USB Relay Controllers and adjust them to varied applications and electronic interfaces in our service. 

How does it work?

The operation method of Solid State Relay Controllers is based on infrared or LED source light emission.  The light source is connected tot he input assembly of the SSR and provides optical coupling with a light sensitive transistor.  When current passes through the light source, it illuminates with its light focusing on the sensitive transistor. 

This is how the electrical output activates the switch.  Since the only connection between the entry and exit is a ray of light, this method offers high-voltage insulation.  Apart for the fact that using this solution offers the highest level of insulation, the LED light bulbs and the transistors can be totally separated by connecting them by optical fiber.  

How will we choose a SSR best suited for our needs?

Whether we choose high- or low-voltage, either standard connection, or a USB solid state relay, the most important thing is to place our technical needs at the top or our priorities.  We should take into account the actual technological application and measure it with the performance offered by the relay we are examining.  

It is important that we take into account the environmental conditions and the technological interface of their application has a great deal of influence on resistibility of solid state relays to loading.  During installation and use, the surrounding environment should be well ventilated, allowing optimal heat dispersion.  We we deal with extremely high voltage, it may be preferable to use advanced ventilation or heat-radiation solutions.  

ICPC offers a wide range of solid state relays

Our smart electrical components are presently employed in ground breaking technologies in digital equipment.  You are welcome to have our experts offer you relevant consultation, helping you acquire the equipment that will help you reach optimal performance and benefit from long-lasting reliability and stability.  Feel free to contact us for further information.

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