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Industrial Relay Controller – two watchdog protection

Industrial Relay Controller – two watchdog protection

Intelligent-Appliance announced a new 16 Relays/16 Isolated Digital Inputs, Industrial Relay Controller, the IA-3116-U2i, with two Watchdog protection circuits.

The original circuit keeps the on board CPU from harsh hostile environment while the second one watches the communication and host computer secure operation.

This updated solution handles "Dry-Contact", Industrial Negative Logic as well as Positive Level signals without any Jumper or software setting.

The new relay controller includes an Isolated USB Port, to keep the host computer from the Factory Floor or any other hostile environment.

Additional COM Port supports a transparent, buffered, Multi-Drop operation, with a board expansion capability of up to 255 units.

The relays provided on this board have a current rating of 2 Amp at 30VDC, and 1 Amp at 125VAC, while contact version includes both SPST and SPDT, Form A and Form C. 

An optional board version, the IA-3116S-U2i, includes additional Voltage Suppressors for handling Inductive Loads.

These suppressors limit the relay contact operation range to 39VDC and 30VAC, while the standard unit, the IA-3116-U2i, supports a voltage range of up to 250VAC.

The IA-3116-U2i Commands List includes local and global commands, for handling the boars features in a direct and immediate manner, or to handle several boards synchronized function.

Among the commands list one can find a unique board ID data acquiring command that can help keeping customer's software privileges, relays emergency state definition command and more.

The free software support package includes Setup and Operation utility, Software Drivers and Open Code software examples in VB.5, VB.net, C#, C++ and Labview for fast system integration.

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