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Enternet TCP

Enternet TCP

What are Ethernet TCP Relay Controllers used for?

In this era of connectivity, more electrical appliances are using the Internet then ever before.  Today's smart devices use the Web to communicate with one another, gather up-to-date data on environmental conditions and even to receive from us, the users, commands and updates on how to use them. Ethernet protocol is often used to physically connect computers with a reliable, stable and secure connectivity.  Connection to the Web is done by way of Ethernet TCP Relay Controllers.  We in ICPC are committed to your success and provide you with controllers that allow you to experience reliable performance for all your applications. 

So, what exactly is Ethernet? 

Ethernet is a type of communication protocol connecting computers of a local area network (LAN) or to a wide area one (WAN.)  This is the protocol that enables building internal networks even if they are not necessarily connected to the Internet.  Through these networks, appliances and computers communicate, rapidly and securely transferring data, as well as controlling a variety of electronic applications such as printers and scanners.  

Often, the term Ethernet is referred to the physical connection between a computer and a router.  This is because laptops usually have an Ethernet port used to connect to a router.  However, as said, the word refers to the actual communication protocol. 

How are Ethernet TCP Relay Controllers used?

Ethernet relay controllers send commands through the local net or the Web to the command panel.  The Ethernet interface that is installed in the router's inputs assigns IP addresses for each connection.  Once the device in connected to the network, it is possible to send by way of the controllers commands for controlling the relay from within the network or from without by way of the Web.  

A controller is also present in USB connections

USB Relay Controllers connect to the USB port of your computers are installed in the computer's COM port to control e relay or more in the circuit board.  USB relays offer excellent communication, speed and reliability through any available COM output in any standard transmission rate.  The convenient Plug and Play characteristics make any USB Relay Controller a more flexible, reliable and comfortable solution to all communication purpose. 

What are Ethernet Relay Controllers used for?

The controller allows to operate a variety of electrical circuits in appliances and devices by transmitting commands through the Web or the home-based network.  This way, the operation of a variety of electrical applications can be controlled through websites of designated applications and updates can be received from our appliances to digital devices. 

How to choose a suitable controller?

To get the most reliable and qualitative response, it is important that we adjust the module we will choose to our needs.  Whether you need 32 relays or 256, there is an assortment of hubs and controllers that can provide control over a large number of relays and adjust the most appropriate solution of the electronic board you use.  At the end of the process, you will have at your disposal a small but smart component at the heart of the communication's advantages. 

Whether you require a a solution for IoT technology, remote control or computer components, we have the knowledge, equipment and skilled team required to adjust to you the best response to your needs.  For years, the ICPC team helped businesses all over the world reach technological excellence, using reliable and quality components.  We are at your service 24/7, offering tech support around the clock.  This way you are always one call away from having every problem addressed.  We would be happy to help you match the controller to your needs and offer you all the guidance required to optimally implement it in any use you may require.

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