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3G IoT Wireless Senosr Node with 6-ch DI, 2-ch DO, and 1-port RS-485

List of features

Application-ready I/O combination with internal antenna

Wide coverage of 3G frequency bands from 800 to 2100MHz

Supports multiple cellular technologies including GSM, GPRS & HSPA

Fast and easy deployment to reduce operation cost

Data logger function with RTC reducing data lost

Data can be automatically pushed to cloud service

Supports RESTful web API in JSON format for IoT integration



The WISE-4470 series is a 3G cellular-based IoT device, and features a built-in antenna that provides flexible installation. As well as various I/O types, the WISE-4470 series provides data logger and direct cloud connectivity functions. The data can be published to the cloud by MQTT or RESTful web service with security socket.

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3G IoT WSN with 6DI, 2DO, RS-485 - HSPA+900/2100

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