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8-port RS-232 PCI Comm Card

List of features

PCI bus specification 2.1 compliant

Speeds up to 921.6 Kbps 16PCI954

UARTs with 128-byte standard

I/O address automatically assigned by PCI plug-and-play

OS supported: Windows NT, Windows 95/98

Interrupt status register for increased performance

Space reserved for termination resistors

Automatic RS-485 data flow control

Utility-Icom Tools

PCI-1620AU Data sheet


Advantech serial communication cards leverages the “ Plug and Play “ capability defined in the PCI 2.1 bus specification, and are available with up to 8 ports depending upon user's application.The board requires only one PCI slot within the personal computer and provides independent serial channels. All channels are addressed in a continuous 32 byte I/O block for simplified software access. And, All channels may also share one PCI interrupt. An interrupt status register is available for determining the interrupt source. The Advantech PCI communication card comes with standard 16PCI954 UARTs containing 128 byte FIFOs which are available as an option. These upgraded FIFOs greatly reduce CPU overhead and are an ideal choice for heavy multi-tasking environments.

ordering information

PCI-1620A :

8-port RS-232 PCI Comm Card

PCI-1620B :

8-port RS-232 PCI Comm Card, w/surge protection

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