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IA-1214 -U

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4-ch 2 Amp USB Relay Controller with Digital Inputs

List of features

4-ch Relay controller

Relays are of SPDT Form C type

4-ch Digital Input

USB Powered & Controlled

IA Series-3000 compatible

Pluggable Terminal Block

Wall mounting ready

Compact Size

various operation modes

1214-U DS


The IA-1214-U is an Industrial, USB powered, USB controlled, 8 channels Dry-Contact I/O device.
The IA-1214-U includes 4 SPDT 2Amp Relays,
4 Dry-Contact Digital Inputs that supports wet input as well, and is capable of handling signal inputs of zero to 30VDC.
A single TTL level output line is provided as well, and may be used as a general Digital Output.
The IA-1214-U is Intelligent-Appliance Series-3000 software compatible. Its software support package includes both Labview and Microsoft Dot.Net libraries, open source examples and operation utilities for fast and easy software implementation.
It is CE, FCC Approved, and ROHS compliant, low-cost Relay Controller.

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