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Computing Box Modules with 6th Gen. Intel® Core™/Celeron® Processor

List of features

Front panel modules in varying size equipped with P-CAP multi-touch sensors (the 12.1” module features 5-wire resistive touch control)

Multiple sized front panel module offering with P-Cap multi-touch sensor (12.1" w/ robust 5-wire resistive touch)

Supports two independent video interfaces with picture-in-picture function and up to 100m long signal transmission distance (iLINK technology)



TPC computing box modules are powered by 6th Gen Intel® Core™/Celeron® processors combined with an industrial-grade LED LCD module, providing compact and fanless control panel solutions that support high-performance computing. With a flexible modular design, they allow users to interchange video interfaces such as industrial monitors which can be used as an interface of two controllers simultaneously via the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) feature, or expand the signal transmission distance to 100m via iLINK technology.

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Rear box without an I/O module (coming soon)