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15" XGA Industrial Monitor with Resistive Touchscreen and VGA / HDMI Port

List of features

15" XGA TFT LED LCD with 70,000 backlight life time

Robust design with aluminum front panel

Supports VGA or HDMI interface with USB touchscreen

Supports panel, wall, desktop, or VESA arm mounting

Lockable HDMI port (optional)

FPM-1150G Data sheet


In IoT and Industry 4.0, more and more customers need data to be visualized to help management decision making. FPM-1150G is an industrial-grade 15 TFT LCD monitor with LED backlight flat panel and a changeable front bezel (with updated appearance). FPM-1150G provides an entry level industrial monitor not only for industrial applications but also for a variety of IoT scenarios. The FPM-1150G front bezel can be changed to stainless steel for those applications requiring anti-corrosion or clean environments. In conclusion, FPM-1150G is a highly reliable, tough, and adaptable display solution for Industry 4.0 and IoT.

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