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6-ch Relay Output EtherNet/IP Module

List of features

EtherNet/IP protocol

5 Form C and 1 Form A/B relay output

Breakdown voltage: 500 VAC (50/60 Hz)

2 x RJ-45 LAN (daisy chain)

Contact Rating: 5 A @ 250 VAC; 5 A @ 30 VDC



Advantech’s ADAM-6100 series is a new line of Industrial Ethernet Remote I/O modules. Designed with 2,500 VDC isolation protections, ADAM-6160EI, 6-ch relay output EtherNet/IP module, is very resistant to field interference. It is also equipped with the EtherNet/IP protocol, and allows daisy chain connections, making it possible to transfer data much faster during process control and other industrial automation applications. Daisy chain connectivity provides a more scalable system with fewer wires to help avoid interference common in factory settings. More importantly, Advantech’s ADAM.NET Utility comes bundled with each ADAM-6100 module, allowing users to configure, set, and test ADAM-6100 modules through Ethernet.

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8-ch Isolated AI EtherNet/IP Module


6-ch Relay EtherNet/IP Module

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