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8-ch Isolated Thermocouple Input Modbus TCP Module with 8-ch DO

List of features

I/O Type: 8 T/C & 8 DO

10/100Based-T Ethernet

Supports multi-channel/multi-range

Provides default/customized web page

2,500 VDC optical isolation



The ADAM-6018 8-channel thermocouple input module is the most prevailing temperature sensor in today’s industrial automation market. In addition to 8 T/C input channels, the ADAM-6018 is also equipped with 8 digital output channels such as auxiliary alarm outputs or pure outputs. Last but not least, the ADAM-6018 comes with an external DIN-rail terminal board for wiring between the ADAM-6018 module and the field sensor. This special wiring mechanism greatly enhances the accuracy and reliability for thermocouple measurement in environmental and facility monitoring applications.

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7-ch Isolated RTD Input Modbus TCP Module


8-ch Isolated AI with 2-ch DO Modbus TCP Module


8-ch Isolated Thermocouple Input Modbus TCP Module w/ 8-ch DO

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