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24-ch Digital I/O Card

List of features

24 TTL-level digital I/O channels

Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI

Interrupt handling

Opto-22 compatible 50-pin connectors

Output status readback

Easy sharing Digital lines Via ITB-6823

Easy sharing Digital lines Via ITB-6823

Easy customization prototype area & connectivity

PCI-1737U Data sheet


The PCI-1737U is a 24-bit DI/O card with PCI bus, and provides 24 bits of parallel digital input/output. It also emulates mode 0 of the 8255 PPI chip, but the buffered circuits offer a higher driving capability than the 8255. The I/O bits are divided into three 8-bit I/O ports: A0, B0, and C0. You can configure each port as either input or output via software. The interrupt handling capability provides users the flexibility to generate interrupts to a PC. The 1-pin in the connector can output a digital signal simultaneously with the card's generating an interrupt. Other features give the PCI-1737U practical advantages in an industrial setting; when the system is hot reset or powered on, the I/O port settings and output values of PCI-1737U will be determined via switch.

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24ch TTL Digital I/O Card


24-ch Relay Output Terminal


24-ch Opto-isolated DI Board


16-ch Power Relay Output Terminal


50-Pin Flat Cable Terminal, DIN-rail Mount


Screw Terminal Board & Status Indicator


Digital Data Sharing & Redundancy Handler


IDC-50 Flat Cable, 1.2m

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