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48 Channel Digital I/O, Over Current Protected USB Solid-State Relays, Positive Output, Isolated

List of features

48-ch Digital I/O

Positive Logic I/O

Optional Negative Input Setting

0.7 Amp Output Current Rating

Over-Current Protection on each channel

3.3 to 30VDC Positive Input range

Support “Dry-Contact” Inputs

Isolated USB Port protects the PC

Dual Watchdog Protection

Open Source software Examples

Pulse Generation Commands

Built-in Multi-Drop facility

DIN-Rail Mounting ready



The IA-3125-U2i is an 48 channels Positive Logic Digital I/O board with 24 Solid-State Output channels that are capable of Driving 0.7 Amps per channel. This board includes a refreshing Positive Logic both on its inputs and outputs, while its Digital Inputs might be set to Negative Logic, at Groups of 8, in order to handle ordinary NPN Sensors. Moreover, each output channel has an Over Current Protection circuit, to avoid a Solid-State Relay damage due to a wiring mistake or a defective load. The IA-3125-U2i includes an Isolated USB port that Isolates the PC from the “Factory Floor” or the controlled Machine or the long wiring lines that might cause a PC freezing phenomenon. The Software Support package includes DOT.net Driver, Open Source Examples and immediate Control Utilities

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