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ACP-4001 4U 14-slot with 6.4" LCD Industrial Automation Chassis Main Features
ATM-4233 4U 14-slot ubdustrial Automation Chassis with 6" LCD
AWS-8100 Mini Workstation with 10.4" LCD Display
AWS-8100G Ind. Workstation with 10 .4" LCD
AWS-8120 Industrial workstation with 12.1" LCD & NLX Backplane
AWS-8124 Mini Workstation with 12.1" LCD & 4 Expansion Slots
AWS-8129H Workstation w/12.1” LCD, 9 Expansion Slots & Touchpad w/Mouse Key
AWS-8248V Cost-effective modular 15" TFT LCD workstation with 14 expansion slots
AWS-825 Industrial Workstation with 15" Color CRT Monitor
AWS-8259 Modular Workstation with 15" LCD and 9 Expansion Slots
AWS-842 Industrial Workstation with 10.4" TFT LCD Display
AWS-8420 Industrial Workstation with 12.1" LCD & 8 Expansion Slots
AWS-843 Industrial 10.4" Flat Panel Monitor
AWS-8430 Slim Workstation with 12.1" LCD & 8 Expansion Slots
IPPC-4000D 5.7" VGA TFT LCD 4U 19" Rack Industrial Panel PC with 7 Expansion Slots
PWS-1409/1419 9-slot 14.1" TFT LCD Portable Workstation
PWS-450 3.8" Rugged Handheld
PWS-8033M 3.7" VGA TFT LCD XScale® PXA270 Ultra Rugged Mobile Computer with Wi-Fi and GPS