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ADAM-3600-C2G 8AI / 8DI / 4DO / 4-Slot Expansion Wireless Intelligent RTU
ADAM-6500 Ethernet-based Communication Controller
IA-3116-EA8-P TCP/IP Ethernet Controller, 16 Relays, 16 Digital Inputs and 8 Analog Inputs
IA-3152-E 48 channels, Power Relay Controller TCP/IP Web/Ethernet Controlled
IA-3174-E TCP/IP Ethernet Controller, 32-ch DPDT Relay, IA Daisy-Chain Series
IA-3886-ia5 16-ch Dry-Contact I/O Peer-to-Peer – ready Over 1KM Range
PEC-3240 Intel® Celeron® M 1.0 GHz 4-axis Embedded Motion Controller with 32-ch Digital I/O