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Digital Data Sharing & Redundancy Handler

Main Features
Automatic Data Source Selection
Continuous, Real-time controllers Quality Controls
Handling 3 Digital Ports, 24 channels each
Controllers' status indication
Redundant Power circuit
Multi Operational Modes
Optional Custom Logic

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The ITB-6823 is a Redundancy Handler for two Controllers, usually two PC computers. The handler has 3 digital I/O ports, 24 channels each. Two of them are connected to the controllers via 50 pin connectors, while the third one is designed for simple field wiring via screw terminal blocks on board's edge. The controllers' output data is automatically selected and provided at the field port, according to the controllers operation status, that is continuously examined and monitored by the on board watchdog circuit.
    ITB-6823: Digital Redundancy Handler
    PCI-1737U : 24-ch Digital I/O Card, PCI, Universal
    PCL-724: 24-ch Digital I/O Card, ISA
    TBL-22: Screw Terminal Board & Status Indicator
    ADAM-3950: 50-Pin Flat Cable Terminal, DIN-rail Mount
    PCL-10150-1.2: IDC-50 Flat Cable, 1.2m


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